somerset house, v1

Gathering Digital Content for the V1 Archive

One of the themes we’re researching is about collecting multiple points of view about museum objects (and making those perspectives part of the Official Record). Now that it’s the final day of our residency, we’re thinking about how to capture this fun and good experience.

One of our main goals was to try to generate lots of content, which I think we’ve done well. It just dawned on me too, though, that we’ve also put that content in all kinds of places across the web: various Twitter accounts, other people’s tweets, Dropbox, this WordPress blog, Flickr, the company blog, etc etc. Part of our archiving work should be gathering stuff from all over.

Here’s a quick list. I’m sure there’ll be more.

We also wrapped up everything into a paper-based archive yesterday too. We thought to add the unused roll of blue tape to the archive, since it made up such a lot of the aesthetic of the displays.

If you, or someone you know, popped any content online about Version One, please consider adding a link to it in the comments.