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Day 2 End Scene

Another day done. Wow. Nice to have some more visitors today! 

I was also struck as we worked on Lost & Stolen Friend that the removal of these giant things was a bit like the woodcutters chopping down ancient gigantic redwoods in California.

There are also a lot more pens in the box, including huge pink ones which are very fun.

And we also have a growing pile of crap somewhat hidden behind our desk.  I guarantee you there is one of these in every museum, no matter how small.

somersethouse, v1

Day 2, Display 2: Lost & Stolen Friend

With thanks to Catherine Jones and Luke Bacon for your collaboration.

Lost & Stolen Friend examines the journey and ambient environs of Hoa Hakananai’a, which was taken from Easter Island in 1868 and moved to London, to the British Museum. We’ve used sound to indicate place. Easter Island waves to visitor hubbub and a security announcement about suspicious characters.

Video of the experience:

Listen to the two audio tracks: