somerset house, v1

Day 10: End

Our final day was spent talking to over twenty visitors about the project, and starting the process of archiving.

Thanks to Geoff, repeat visitor and professional archivist, I learnt a new word: paradata. That’s information to encapsulate something, as if you’re designing your archive to be recreated in 200 years. How do you describe the idea?

We took a lot of photos, and wrote a lot of stuff, which hopefully starts our miniparadata.

We ended the day with guests Andy and Lesley, who helped us pull down the installation, and wrap it all up. I felt a new kind of nervous as it began to rain on us and all our things made of paper as we headed for the taxi. No! You can’t rain on this! It’s an Archive!


somerset house, v1

Our First Bequest!

It is with great pleasure that I announce our first gift, The Arthur & Henry Maxwell Bequest. It’s a fabulous Museum in a Box, full of treasures from two smalls, who happened to visit us yesterday. They were inspired by beards and the Small Museum which is actually just a little room because museums are supposed to be big.

File 31-03-2015 10 36 46 File 31-03-2015 10 36 33 File 31-03-2015 10 36 13

What a thrill! Thank you, Arthur and Henry!