Colossal foot

On day 7 we took the Colossal Marble foot as our object in focus. Even before we started our live prototyping we knew that we wanted to have fun with the name of this object. ‘Colossal’ is such a powerful word it sparked us thinking about scale from the outset – when we sent our order to the 3D printers we asked them in particular to make this print the most colossal in our collection:


Part of our work, then, has been looking at how we could re-introduce information that is missing from these 3D prints – either info about the object itself (colour, size, weight, texture) or supplementary info (where it’s from, who owned it, where is it now).

With the Colossal Foot we felt it our duty to show people exactly how colossal it really is and to do this without taking people on a day trip to the British Museum, we decided to bring this object to the Small Museum – with the help of photogrammetry and AR.

colossal-footWe took lots of photos of the Foot in the British Museum and made a 3D model of it. Now you get a sense of the colour, texture and material this object is made form but it still doesn’t give you an idea of how truly big the object is IRL.

Augemented reality has been around for a while so we knew this might be a good time to try our hand at it and after a bit of digging we discovered Augment.

After uploading our 3D model and an image “tracker”, we had a working AR experience in the Small Museum that projected our Colossal Foot into the real world at the correct scale!

See below for a video of a pair of dorks trying out this engaging and fun tech for the first time 😀

Colossal foot


This foot would have belonged to a statue five metres tall (probably seated as a statue that tall wouldn’t have stood up).


It was found near Naples, Italy.

Currently displayed in Room 1, Ground Floor, British Museum.


Created in 1st-2nd century AD
Acquired by the British Museum in 1784


Parian marble


Height: 48.26 cm
Length: 88.9 cm

More information

British Museum’s Highlights page
British Museum’s Collections Online page

Label text


“Presented” to the museum by William Hamilton, yet another British diplomat in a similar shape to Mr. Salt.

3D print


Image credit

Top image © Trustees of the British Museum

Let us know if you spot any clangers.

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