morning, v4

First sneaky install

There’s a small chance my landlord may read this, so let me start by saying this is an act of love and respect.

Last week, I was very excited to choose a Rembrandt work from the list of things acquired by the British Museum for Hans Sloane to hang as our first work in the foyer at 4 Bloomsbury Place.

It’s an etching made in 1658 called The Phoenix or The Statue Overthrown, which seems apt as well as beautiful.

The Phoenix or The Statue Overthrown; allegory with a phoenix rising in glory on a pedestal at centre, flanked by trumpeting putti, a fallen statue of a nude male figure at the foot of the pedestal, a crowd looking on below the pedestal, houses and trees beyond. 1658 Etching and drypoint

I had asked the BM’s permission to use (and download) it via the usual channels. I enlarged it slightly to fit the frame that was already there, and installed it last Thursday.

We had the world’s tiniest opening party — with applause! —  and thank you to Tom for helping with the framing.

Now to find a second piece that will fit in that portrait frame…


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